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Active Outdoor Clothing, Southwest Styles, Fashion for Men & Women

Hiking Skirts

Athena demonstrates the versatility of her Hiking Skirt.

Be a flower in the wilderness in a handmade hiking skirt from Athena Outdoors.   

Athena Outdoors Hiking Skirts
  • Are beautiful – like the flowers on the trail.
  • Makes you visible to others
  • Has great pockets for your essentials
  • Choice of cotton; a cotton/poly blend that is fast-dry; or microfiber that is sturdy and warmer 
  • Fabric patterns may vary slightly
  • Wrap around for easy on/off
  • Nonrestrictive and adjustable
  • Has a sturdy closure that won’t open by accident
  • Just wear a matching pair of undies and sport bra and you have an instant swim suit under your skirt, for those quick dips in the stream. 
  • Are very affordable at $49

How to order: Measure your waist and your length from waist to just above the knee. Choose the style and place the information in the box below. Example: 30, 17, HC   

Style HA Blue Blend

Style HB Pink Blend

Style HC Cotton Batik









Microfiber Tropical Pink

Style HD Microfiber Topical Pink

Microfiber Turquoise Orchids

Style HE Microfiber Turquoise Orchids

Microfiber Vines on Grey background

Style HF Microfiber Vines on Grey background






Your Waist, Length, Style